I first found myself in Rwanda in 2007.  It was a beautiful land rebuilding itself after unimaginable horrors.  But all I could see was joy everywhere I turned.  The people, the culture and the land opened my eyes to beauty I had never seen before in my life.  And I could never get Rwanda off my mind.

Many prayers later (2009) I began working full time for an NGO in Rwanda advocating for children & families.  Spending at least three months a year in Rwanda since that time, my heart and spirit soaked the country & culture into my soul forever.

My creative & artistic spirit started to soar through photography, art, and design. My eye was drawn to a strong neutral palette with pops of color. Best described, "Out of Africa" meets Bohemia. 

And then one day in 2011 I met my friend, Abraham.  We discussed design, art, culture and God.  I knew we had a strong connection that would turn into a beautiful friendship.  On my next trip he had made me the most gorgeous necklace from bone and brass.  He intended me to take notice, and that I did.  Our conversations began about a collaboration in the fall of 2012 and RwandaMade launched in the spring of 2014.  My beautiful son arrived in between.

Together we collaborate on design & Abraham and his employees (& friends) hand-make unique pieces of jewelry and baskets in Rwanda from materials indigenous to Africa.

I also make photographs.

Everything you will find in this shop is a snapshot of my soul.  There is a story behind each product and its name.  As my Rwandan friends say as you enter their homes, churches, workshops and store fronts: YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.